Hello Girls,

Exhausting exercises, a calorie-controlled and restricted diet, plastic surgeries… Admit, some of you think that these are the only methods of getting rid of the fat tissue deposits, don’t you? However, my view on that issue is completely different. Why wouldn’t we go for a few beauty treatments which are designed to shape our bodies? Let me present you three of them.

Injection lipolysis

This procedure is a non-surgical and safe, or at least it is said to be safe, method of removing a few pounds. Actually, this treatment is considered as an alternative to liposuction of small body parts such as chin, for example. Basically, injection lipolysis depends on introducing special mixtures of substances into the skin, which leads to destructing fat cells. This treatment is almost painless. The only adverse reaction of the organism might be: swelling, redness and minor discomfort in the very place when a doctor has given the injection. The entire procedure lasts no more than 40 minutes, and the price varies accordingly to the injected face part and the clinic offering the treatment.


It’s a semi-invasive procedure that delivers immediate effects. Vanquish uses Large Area High-frequency Field technology which reaches fat tissue located very deep, without influencing the surrounding tissues. It’s also worth mentioning that the device used for the procedure isn’t in contact with skin. A special panel is set in an inch distance above the body part that is to undergone the procedure. The treatment lasts 30 minutes and once it is over the patient can proceed with his/her normal daily activities. The last piece of information, Vanquish doesn’t require using any anaesthetics. Moreover, no substances are introduced underneath the skin.

LPG Lipomassage

This mysterious name hides a highly pleasant massage given with the use of Endermologie – LPG Lipomassage technique. During this treatment a special rollers do the massage using negative pressure. The outcome? Skin becomes more supple, smooth and firm. Furthermore, this type of massage is also used after liposuction procedures in order to contract and regenerate skin. The cost isn’t that high. One session of LPG Lipomassage lasts approximately 30 minutes.

How about you, girls? How have you manage to say goodbye to a few unwanted pounds?

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