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Hair care isn’t a child’s play. You must know how to keep hair properly nourished and hydrated, when to trim the ends and how to style a long-lasting hairdo. Thanks to these rules, your hair will be both beautiful and healthy. Check them out.

Hair care matching your hair type

It’s the most important rule in hair care. If you have colour-treated hair, go for repairing products that define the colour and keep it long-lasting. Is your hair dry and dull? Use intensively moisturising and rebuilding cosmetics. If you don’t know how to define your hair type, visit a hairdresser or trichologist who will help you choose the right products.

Regularly nourish your hair

Every hair type needs nutrients. Regularly nourish your hair and scalp with products or dietary supplements. Apply conditioners after every hair wash, leaving them in for a few minutes. On the other hand, let masks sit in for more or less 15 minutes once a week. You can take supplements every day, after a meal. Choosing hair products, pay attention to vitamins and micronutrients. Your hair and scalp need zinc, copper and vitamins A, E, H and B.

Trim your hair

Cutting ends down systematically matters a lot. Trim damaged tips every month or every two months to keep the hairdo healthy and pretty. Cutting off a few inches lets you do away with split, dull and dry strands.

Give up on a blow-dryer

Heat styling destroys your hairdo. It gets dry, dull and weak. Giving up straightening, blow-drying and curling is the best solution. If you can’t say goodbye to heat styling tools, apply a heat protection cosmetic beforehand. In this way, you protect hair from damage. Blow-drying with cool airflow makes a good choice.

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