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A healthy scalp equals healthy hair. That’s why the right hair care and products and healthy lifestyle matter so much. Check the forbidden cosmetics and rules to follow to get a beautiful hairstyle.

Avoid these ingredients in shampoos

SLS and its twin brother – SLES – are the most dangerous substances included in shampoos. These are two strong cleansing detergents used… in cleaning products for removing grease and other resistant impurities. Just think what may happen if you apply them to the skin. Although you feel the scalp is fresh and clean after washing, you can get irritations and excessive oiliness after a few applications. Be careful with Propylene Glycol, DEA, MEA, TEA, PEG and PPG. All of these substances damage the external skin and hair layer.

What should be the right scalp care like?

Moisturising hair and scalp regularly is the best solution. You can make use of oils that are full of fatty acids. Try out flaxseed oil, argan oil or almond oil; cosmetic butter can deliver great effects, too (Shea or cocoa). They provide the scalp with the proper pH, help to fight dandruff, repair hair and protect from the external factors.

What can you do when the condition of your scalp gets worse?

Visiting a dermatologist or trichologist seems the most reasonable. The doctor is going to define the microbes, that cause the skin disease, and prescribe medication. A good shampoo (SLS-free) should deal with minor infections and irritation but you can never ignore serious symptoms.

Maybe you know other scalp care methods? If so, why don’t you leave a comment? 

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