You’re reading the post so you must have removed the braces recently and now show off your gorgeous smile! The results are fantastic but we need to care for the teeth properly to keep the effect. In the post I share the essential tips from my orthodontist. Keep reading!

1. Retention

After taking braces off you probably got the retainer. It is either permanent or removable and your orthodontist chose the best option for your teeth for sure. If it’s fixed, it is rather problem-free. If the retainer is removable you need to remember to wear it for a minimum of 12 hours a day for a few months, gradually reducing the time. Retention aims to maintain the effect of even teeth. The older we are, the longer we should use the retainer. Since we devote years to getting the desired even teeth, it would be a shame to lose it because of laziness, right?

2. Dental check-up

The orthodontic treatment usually lasts from one to three years. This is quite long and some of your teeth may have decayed. That is why it is essential to go for a dental check-up following the removal of braces. In most cases, the dentist needs to put fillings in or remove the wisdom teeth.

3. What type of toothbrush to choose?

Pick a soft toothbrush. After removing the braces, the teeth are extremely sensitive while the dental necks are exposed. Only a soft brush won’t irritate the gums.

4. What type of toothpaste to choose?

The key thing is you avoid whitening products which are likely to cause tooth and gum irritations. Any other toothpaste works well. The ideal one is high in fluoride.

5. Can you go for whitening treatments?

After taking the braces off you shouldn’t use any whitening treatments. Your dentist will let you know about the moment when it’s fully safe for you to go for whitening. If you maintained hygiene and followed doctor’s tips while wearing the braces, you probably don’t have any stains on the teeth after removing them. Following the braces removal, you can get sandblasting or scaling to get rid of the plaque and tartar. They are brilliant treatments for freshening the smile without causing damage to the enamel. I used this option as soon as my braces were removed and the teeth looked even more fabulous!

What does your after braces dental care involve? Write about it in a comment. Other ex-brace faces and I will surely use your tips!

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