Voluminous hair free from frizz is my favorite look but it takes some effort. Does your hair get unruly in the winter and because of humidity? I’ve got some tried and trusted remedies. Hopefully they will help you too! Keep reading!

Why does hair get frizzy?

In most cases hair lacks water losing it through the open cuticles. Plus, humidity makes it frizzy, not smooth. This usually happens in the spring and early fall. How to take control of frizzy strands? Give these tricks a try!

1. Glycerin-Rich Shampoo

A shampoo containing glycerin proves to perfectly moisturize the hair and de-puff it, sealing the cuticles and preventing the loss of moisture. Glycerin is a humectant which holds water inside of hair by creating a protective layer on its surface.

2. Anti-Frizz Hair Conditioner

TSD Hair Flower Extract Conditioner is my beloved anti-frizz product. I don’t use it with every washing routine because it would probably make my hair look dull. I apply it every other hair wash. Lots of hair-care junkies use conditioner instead of shampoo! Some conditioners are rich in scalp-balancing oils and cleansing ingredients. However, this may weigh fine, frizzy hair down.

3. Hair Oils for Smoother Hair

If your hair gets frizzy and extremely unruly, this means it loses water and dries out. How can you enhance your hairdo? Ideally, try oils. You don’t need to worry about greasiness because your hair will absorb the oils so they can fix its structure. Oils are ideal for all types of hair but you need to choose the right ones for your hair porosity. Oils protect from loss of water and, at the same time, prevent humidity from getting inside and causing frizz.

There are plenty of ways for using natural oils on hair. I make a natural bi-phase conditioner: mix my oil with aloe gel and sage water. I spray it on wet hair, massaging it in and putting more product on the ends. I sometimes rub some shea butter into the ends to tame them without overburdening. Whenever I see the hair starts getting frizzy during the day I use my mixture.

4. Brilliant Trick: Hairspray

This one is my top remedy which always works, never ever fails. When all remedies fail I get a hairbrush (Tangle Teezer is ideal for this purpose), spray some hairspray on it and immediately brush the hair before the product dries. I reapply it to make sure all hair is covered. This is the best anti-frizz buster ever!

Do you know any secrets to frizz-free hair? Will you share them? 🙂

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