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Today, I have a subject that is the point of interest to all of us, no matter whether you like intense make-up or you prefer minimalism – mascara is always a part of it. Besides, we all know how eyelashes look with mascara and without it. Exactly. For this reason, mascara is the product we cannot live without. High-quality mascara is just a few ‘strokes’ of the wand and suddenly we look like a human being, no more fatigue, our look gains depth and is more expressive… anyway, I don’t have to tell you all that, because you all know it all too well! That is why today I will tell you how to choose a good mascara. Enjoy!

How to choose high-quality mascara?

1. The wand

We always pay attention to it, don’t we? I pay a lot of attention to the wand. I like to imagine what kind of make-up it will leave me with, how my eyelashes will look, etc. What’s more, I ALWAYS reject the fat brush with synthetic bristle. It really is no good. I seriously do not know how I ever could use it. It will never give you the same effect a silicone wand can. It is because the silicone wand is more precise and can beautifully and very evenly coat eyelashes with mascara while separating each eyelash. So, if you have an option of getting the same mascara but with two different wands – always go for the silicone one. Another plus is that you can wash it without bending the bristle – even when you wash it really ‘fiercely’. It will preserve its shape all the time, flawlessly.

2. Mascara’s composition – the care

Well… not everyone pays enough attention to this part – almost no one to be truthful. In the meantime, the mascara’s composition can hold some nasty things. Horrible, and then we wonder why our eyes water, eyelashes are weaker or eyelid is red… If you have a choice, choose a mascara with a good composition that has ingredients that can CARE for your eyelashes. It can at least be argan oil. I found a mascara that perfectly nourishes and regenerates eyelashes while contributing to their growth. After a few weeks of using this mascara, I can see my eyelashes look way better. I’m talking about Lashcode. Do you know this mascara? True marvel, great care, and make-up! <3

Obviously, it has a silicone wand.

3. The wand’s shape

Sure thing, not only the material used for making the wand matters but also the shape of the wand! I have my two favorites. It surely depends on eyelashes and their length, how you apply your mascara and how you hold the wand, etc. but in general there are two shapes most women choose:

  • Ellipse mascara wand – bristles are evenly positioned and the wand is narrowed towards both ends (obviously it cannot be too squat or it will leave you with panda effect). Ellipse shape is just a decision in your hands. It applies mascara perfectly and it is hard to mess anything up and lashes? Just crazy: perfectly curled, separated, long, full… just flawless.
  • Cone-shape mascara wand – cone is used in an unusual way because you need to use just the tip of it. It is used to apply the mascara to the lower and upper eyelashes and it allows to precisely separate lashes, while fully coat them with the product and ensure intense lashes make-up even to those in the eyes corners.

What about you? Have you found your perfect mascara?

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