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I’m aware many of you are interested in eyebrow care and makeup products. Since wide, bold, feminine eyebrows have been a thing for a few seasons – each of us wants to magic them out for herself.

I congratulate (and envy) those of you who have been presented by nature with breathtaking eyebrows just like Frida had… Maybe not as bushy as she had but still… All such brows need is a little enhancement to enjoy a flawless look.

Regrettably, most women are unhappy with the shape/size/width/density/colour* of their eyebrows.

*delete where inapplicable 😉

What about the girls who aren’t that lucky and nature was quite mean not gifting them with a gorgeous brow arch? Beside that, there are also girls struggling with the failed eyebrow shaping effects. How to fix that? Can it be fixed? Let me cheer you up straight away: of course it can! None of you is sentenced to weird-looking eyebrows!

My dear gals, have you ever heard of eyebrow serums? The cosmetic market is flooded with such products. Getting the best, most efficient and fastest-working one is no mean feat! Luckily, you don’t have to seek any more. I know everything and I’m not going to keep it to myself. Take a look at the review of the phenomenon: Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum. Lots of bloggers swear by it. Is it actually the best? I’ve checked that and I’m going to give you the answer 🙂 Let’s go!

Nanobrow Serum – description & ingredients

Nanobrow really stands out among other commercially-available eyebrow enhancers. I don’t mean only the stunning tube (yet many aesthetes will be content with the design). This eyebrow serum has a short, well-thought-out list of ingredients – there’s not a single unnecessary substance. All of them strive for one goal: letting you grow flawless eyebrows 🙂

Actually, these ingredients deserve a separate paragraph. Plant extracts, the most popular in hair, eyelash and eyebrow care, strengthening from the very root to the tip: soybean and wheat extracts. Powerful Baicalin is one of the most effective hair growth boosters whereas arginine is a precious amino acid which makes Nanobrow serum hold back brow loss, stimulate growth of lovely eyebrows that are strong and have a beautiful color. Eyebrows look better also thanks to pro-vitamin B5 which all of you know, that’s for sure; it works wonders in hair care too. All the components make up a nutrient bomb triggering brow growth. They all make Nanobrow the best serum I know and I rate it really high as the product with the best ingredients. Masterpiece 🙂

Nanobrow is quite clever – it penetrates the skin and nourishes both the outer part of eyebrows and their bulbs – the true essence of their life. The ‘root’ beneath the skin (the bulb) is the key part of hair (head hair, eyelashes, eyebrows). It is the exact place where the brows grow or refuse to do it. Nutrient-rich, strengthened, stimulated bulbs mean faster-growing hair/lashes/brows.

thicker brow serum nanobrow

Nanobrow stimulates brow bulbs forcing them to work (divide cells in hair matrix). Effect? Healthily-growing, voluminous, dark and strong eyebrows, firmly rooted and powerful. The brows you dream of.

How to use Nanobrow? It’s a child’s play, too. I’ve never had any problems, the application takes literally a second: the brush applicator makes the thing easy, one stroke lets you cover the entire brow with a scentless, liquid serum. It’s instantly absorbed reaching the bulbs. Nanobrow has a good consistency: it doesn’t stay on brows so there’s no sign of it right after the application. It’s discreet and suitable for the use in everyday makeup so feel free to apply it in the morning if you like. I prefer to use it in the evening, to makeup-free eyebrows after making sure the area is perfectly clean.

Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum – results & price

When it comes to my brows, Nanobrow gave surprisingly fast results. Nearly a month was enough. Baby brows on the brow line. Then, obviously, I had to wait around two weeks for them to grow to the desirable size. After getting the length I’d been fighting for, I went for a salon eyebrow shaping to get a new fab shape. I love the effect Nanobrow gave me, especially considering the fact that I didn’t use to believe in this kind of products (‘how come they regrow if they’ve been refusing to grow for long months). It turns out that everything’s possible. All you need is a brilliant well-composed effective product.

How does this serum work? I guess it depends on the state of the bulbs. The effects come quickly for some users whereas others must wait a bit longer (I wonder if any of you beat my super-fast four-week results… leave a comment!). And that’s what my Nanobrow therapy looked like:

  • Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum – the first and the second week of use – it was a hard time because I didn’t see any effects yet, the time of doubt whether buying it was the right choice.
  • Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum – the third and fourth week of use – tiny black spots started appearing… so it meant my brows started regrowing. After four weeks, there were lots of them, looking bolder and bolder.
  • Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum – the fifth and the sixth week of use – revolution began 🙂 All of the black spots turned into dark lengthy brows; the volume boost was impressive. That’s what I’d been looking for!

A few more words about the price of Nanobrow Serum: obviously, it isn’t the cheapest enhancer available but I think the price is reasonable considering the quality. It lasts very long and you’ll use it for a few months. Thinking of the Nanobrow effectiveness, the price is fair.

eyebrow thickening serum nanobrow

Nanobrow Serum opinions & evaluation: good value for money?

Opinions of bloggers and vloggers won’t dupe you: Nanobrow is the best eyebrow serum! I’ve checked myself, or on my eyebrows. After completing the treatment, I was over the moon and couldn’t stop looking in the mirror to marvel over my FLAWLESS EYEBROWS. I don’t know if investing money in other brow enhancers pays off. I’m going to stick to Nanobrow – I recommend it to you because it makes a really good choice 🙂

Has any of you tried Nanobrow? Tell me about your effects 🙂 Regards & have… gorgeous brows! 😀 Learn more: www.nanobrow.co.uk.

19 Comments “Bloggers’ Opinions Tell Us Nanobrow is the Best Eyebrow Serum. I’m Checking that!”


    Used it. 🙂 It works just as you said: at first had some doubts if it wasn’t money wasted but then i was in total awe. I’m on my second bottle and can recomend to everyone!

  2. Nancy

    I’m hesitant as to buy it or not. Had Revitabrow and it didn’t work… I worry I just waste more money, but you tempt me sooo hard 😉

    • Rene P.

      I was hesitant too but took a chance and have no regrets. Besides, what’s at risk here? It either will work or not. Your brows will stay in the same place. I saw for myself that it’s worth it cause my brows were almost bald and now I have great brows. 🙂

  3. The Smith

    Great ingredients – I’m bedazzled. I’m glad that baicalain is more used in cosmetics!

  4. alwaysright

    I use it for four weeks and no effects yet. Should I worry? 🙁

    • MissDaisy

      @alwaysright if you had more damaged brows it may take some more time before you see the results. I wouldn’t worry, really. It is not like for everyone brows grow at the same time and speed. It’s very individual so don’t stress. keep on using it and I keep my fingers crossed for you!

  5. don't-know-but-say-it-anyway

    You wait longer than I did. I used Nanobrow and I had baby hair after a week hehe! 😀

  6. Olivia Russell

    Can it be used when you have permanent make-up? Anybody knows?

  7. Manny

    I used first Rapidbrow but it was very missed gift. Then I got myself Nanobrow and the difference is HUGE! I’m so YES, YES, YES xD

  8. kitty

    I had results fast as well, maybe not the second week, but on 3rd i could see more definition to the brows. I recommend Nanobrow, great serum and fair price.

  9. Diane

    … no serum works for me (tested like 5 already)- maybe Nanobrow will help because all I had, no matter expensive or cheap did nothing.

  10. ChristineP

    I recommend this superb serum and back your review, I use Nanobrow for few weeks now and quickly started to see that something was going on my brows. It is the best serum out there.

  11. WildRose32

    wow, I didn’t know that nanobrow has such a great composition, great post by the way, thanks for all the great tips, will deifinetely try it because my brows are far from perfect.

  12. Annon

    It’s a great review and so on point, nanobrow gives you these amazing brows with no effort. This serum works and is not timeconsuming, the price is low comparing to other products. I like it very very much.

  13. Ally26

    I’ll come up as the most entusiased out of all but I have to say it: Nanobrow is a queen of eyebrow serums! My brows are ahh-mazing, super satisfied and definetely recomend!

  14. Hellen

    It’s true that everyone recommend nanobrow, this yet another blog I see such a great review and will buy it no questions asked with, only wished it was available at some store.

  15. Lady Makeup

    I once thought about permanent brow makeup, I even started to save some money and then I read your review on Nanobrow. I got one cause comparing to permanent make-up it’s like no money at all and it turned out that it really works and perfectly made my brows so thick… great serum, I’m so positively surprised!

  16. Ursula_89

    Once I had Revitabrow – but since it’s price went sky high I thought its nuts and that I will not be paying this much for a serum. And look at that nanobrow has a perfect composition, effects that I tested on my self (works!) and price that is not giving me heart attack. Great thing!

  17. Porcelain Doll

    I use it for two weeks now and see some new hairs <3


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