I know that you’re longing for a post concerning natural personal care products – so here it is! Today, I have plenty of interesting things to describe and share with you and they all concern bee products: pollen and wax. I’ve been discovering many beauty products containing these natural-origin substances, including pure beeswax that can be combined with natural oils and essential oils, provided that you fancy on diy cosmetics. Obviously, if you aren’t a fan of making your own beauty products at home, don’t worry! Shops are full of self-care products already formulated with bee products. Naturally, no bee was harmed during the making of such products 🙂 Let’s move on to revealing the secrets of beeswax. What are the benefits this bee product in skin care?

Beeswax in Personal Care: Why is it worth using?

For those who aren’t sure what beeswax really is, let me tell you that this is a substance produced by bees during building honeycombs. Have you ever smelled beeswax? It’s something wonderful! So sweet and alluring. Even when used solo, it offers plenty of skin improving properties, but when combined with other substances, together they create an appearance boosting combo – I’m not joking. Beeswax is an incredibly rich source of minerals, it lubricates skin and blocks water from escaping the skin.

Apart from that, beeswax hides a diversity of fatty acids essential for skin: palmitic acid, melissa acid, acetic acid, butyric acid or valeric acid, but that’s not all. Beeswax also contains proteins, lipids, vitamins and mineral salts. Indeed, beeswax is nothing but good.

Beeswax: Application and benefits

1. Deeply nourishes

The above-mentioned fatty acids the beeswax contains makes it a potent substance to nourish skin, prevent its dryness, make epidermis stronger and impede water loss.

2. Perfect emollient

I guess this is what we count on most, right? Beeswax is an efficacious emollient that prevents TEWL and builds up skin’s natural barrier – lipid coat. In other words, owing to beeswax, no dryness threaten the skin.

3. Repairs and maintains skin resilience

Again, beeswax contains a set of precious vitamins vital for skin’s well-being and thus this bee product facilitates skin self-healing, improves resilience and elasticity and prevents premature ageing in a single step!

Now it becomes clear to you why beeswax is considered as one of the most important constituents of creams and ointments promoting wound healing and tissue regeneration. Both honey and beeswax combats acne and erase post-acne spots.

4. Perfect base ingredient

I adore this quality most! Just look – combine it with shea butter or essential oils and you create your customized cream perfume. One-of-a-kind and lasting long. Additionally, you can make customized lip balms, hand creams, foot creams and even body scrubs.

5. Neutralize pollution and lowers the electromagnetic field

Do you spend much time in front of the screens? I know many people who put beeswax candles on their desks at work. Why they do this? I’ll explain that in a moment. Now I’m talking to all the binge watchers – you should consider buying some beeswax candles too. I can’t imagine watching some TV show without sensing the incredible aroma of meadow flower/morning dew. Naturally, the fragrance isn’t the only asset of beeswax candles because such candles are able to lower the electromagnetic field emitted by TVs, computer monitors and smartphones. They reduce the adverse effects of radiation on the human body by producing negative ions when burned, which improves the mood. Scientists proved that beeswax candles can absorb toxins, pollution and other air contaminants. They even help asthmatic people breathe more freely.

Beauty Products with Beeswax: What would I recommend?

Solid wax perfum

You can do it on your own (which I’ve mentioned earlier) or just buy them in most e-drugstores. Solid wax perfumes are gentle and last long. Moreover, the aromas happen to be really surprising: green tomatoes, forest flowers, ragweed, Indian summer… Isn’t it amazing?

Body butter with beeswax and oils

Obviously, such body butter can be made at home as well. You have to blend beeswax with cosmetic butters or solid beauty oils (e.g. shea butter or babassu oil), and enrich with natural beauty oils and essential oils. In this way you can create hand creams and foot creams. When it comes to the foot creams in particular, you can add some mint oil or eucalyptus oil in order to make the cream antiseptic. Where to get such butters from? There are many online shops selling cosmetic butters, not only eco shops. More then once I saw beeswax in a regular cosmetic store offering these lightweight and wonderful-smelling mixtures.

Lip balm with beeswax

In my opinion, lip balms with beeswax are the only worthy lip balms that DO improve skin condition. Also, they make a perfect base ingredient used to produce lip glosses and other color cosmetics. Remember to use them every time you spend time at the seaside or go skiing. There is nothing that would help skin regenerate faster than beeswax.

My fave beauty products containing beeswax are NUXE lip balms and hand creams. When it comes to scented candles, I don’t have any fave producer.

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