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Do you know argan oil? I bet you do! This is an undisputed king of natural skin and hair care. Actually, it’s the king of all natural oils! Does argan oil deserve this title? I’m going to give you some pieces of information about argan oil. But most of all I’ll explain how versatile this oil can be! I think that some facts may be surprising for you.

I’m calling now to all the people who already make use of the benefits of argan oil but lack ideas on how to make even more out of this natural oil. I also invite those of you who haven’t used argan oil yet 🙂

My ideas on using argan oil

How to apply argan oil? There are plenty of methods, techniques and ideas concerning application of this lightweight and precious natural substance. Today, I’ll present you my most favorable ways of using this Moroccan oil. Here’s how to use argan oil on hair, body and more!

1. Intensive hair repair

The very first time I used argan oil was to improve my long but damaged hair. I went for hair steaming because I applied the oil to damp hair and put on a warm towel. I didn’t rinse the oil sooner than after two hours.

2. Ultra fast hair nourishment

Naturally, I keep using argan oil for hair oil treatment, but in most cases I go for the “I-have-no-time” version. This means that I take a dash of argan oil and I rub it into dry hair 30 minutes before washing. Then of course I shampoo my hair as usual. As you can see, this procedure doesn’t occupy much time but the results are really good.

3. Heat protection agent

I guess argan oil is the only heat protection agent that I use. I often apply it to my hair after washing when the strands are slightly wet. I spread a small portion of argan oil and start blow drying. This natural oil shields my hair from hot temperature generated by a blow-dryer. Also, my hair is protected against moisture loss and wins softness, smoothness and shine.

4. Eyelash and eyebrow care

When it comes to hair, argan oil is also a good eyebrow and eyelash conditioner. Indeed, they also need our attention and care. Luckily, the treatment doesn’t take much time. Take an old mascara wand and use it to spread argan oil on your lashes and eyebrows. Do it once a day, at bedtime. What are the benefits? Beautiful, strong, resilient, thick eyelashes and eyebrows that are resistant to thinning.

5. Weak nails rescue

Apart from hair, eyelashes and eyebrows, argan oil is also able to make fingernails stronger. You know what is the best about it? Than I rub a few drops of the natural oil into my fingernails when I watch a TV show on my sofa. Yep, this is all I do to get stunning nails. Actually, argan oil managed to restore my nails after the damage that gel manicure done to them. Today I have smooth, strong, less brittle and full of shine fingernails!

6. Base ingredient for homemade cosmetics

And here comes another thing that I genuinely love argan oil for – it can be used as a base ingredient for homemade cosmetics. Argan oil allows me to create all-natural and incredibly effective hair masks, face masks and hand masks. I mix this natural oil with honey, vitamins, avocado, activated charcoal, or any other ingredients I feel like using on a particular day. One of my fave homemade cosmetics is coffee body scrub. As you have probably already guessed, I combine argan oil with coffee grounds to smooth my body at home.

7. Makeup removal and deep face cleansing

Have you ever heard about OCM? If you haven’t then I guess it’s high time you tried it. In short, you use a natural oil to take makeup off and then wash face skin with oil and water. I tend to apply argan oil combined with castor oil using 3:1 proportion. I have to admit that this oil blend deals well with waterproof color cosmetics and other impurities that gather on face. On the top of that, such argan-castor oil blend leaves skin soft and nourished.

8. Replacement for makeup base

And finally I’m giving you my favorite way of improving face skin due to argan oil. I use it as an all-natural and non-greasy makeup base. After cleaning my face I apply a drop or two of argan oil. I let the skin absorb the oil fully and then I proceed with doing my makeup. Owing to argan oil, I’m sure that my skin is well-nourished and moisturized. Also, it leaves my skin smooth.

Please leave a comment if you know more applications of argan oil. See you!

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