My skin’s looked really lovely recently so I want to share some skin-care habits I’d formed. Which ones really work? Which ones aren’t worth your time?

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A brief history of my skin.

Only six months ago I couldn’t say I liked my skin.

A few months back, my face looked awful. It was dry, spot-prone, filled up with dark spots. It seemed like my problems were multiplying and the remedies I tried always failed. I couldn’t make it better. It looked bad so I applied layers of makeup trying to remedy the situation desperately. It was like the vicious circle. I did things to camouflage the blemishes so I thought the problem was solved but I actually made the skin way worse. Thankfully, I got smarter and went to the… dermatologist’s office!

Did I learn anything from my skin doctor?

A lot! Firstly, I found out my skin was extremely irritated because of me trying to lessen the acne breakouts – I desperately tried to dry out the pimples so the skin was dehydrated and deprived of the protective layer made of sebum. I didn’t let it breathe by using tons of dehydrating camouflage makeup products. I did other nasties but they aren’t the focus of this article.

Thanks to the dermatologist, I learnt how to care for my problematic tricky skin. Even though I was doubtful about some tips at first, now I see they all make sense. That’s why I encourage you to incorporate some game-changing skin-care habits into your daily routine. Your skin will surely thank you!

Obviously I’m not going to leave you without examples. See top tips below.

How to care for skin? 5 best habits

1. Moisturizing the skin regularly is the basic step.

You must provide water and moisture from within as well as with skin-care products. You need to drink the optimal amount of water daily to see the difference in the way you feel and look. The skin goes plumper and softer. The feeling of tight, irritated skin is gone. At the same time, remember that water isn’t enough to hydrate the skin – you also need humectants (they bind water and deliver it to the dermis) and emollients (they form a protective coating shielding the skin from loss of water).

NOTE! Dry skin isn’t the only type that needs moisturizing. All skin types need it! Even if your skin is oily, you need to provide it with water instead of drying it out.

2. Natural vegetable oils for face care.

I used to shiver at the thought of using oils on my oily, problematic skin. I thought the oil would make it even worse. I was so wrong! Oils turn out to have a remarkable conditioning effect on skin so using them during the everyday beauty routine makes a very good habit. They nourish, maintain the optimal hydration, protect (against the heat, sunlight, pollution and oxidation) and keep the skin young-looking. Oils remedy lots of skin problems if we choose the right ones.

3. Face cleansing isn’t just about removing make-up fast.

Lots of women do the same mistake. I used to make it and I’m sure you did too. Let’s face it, there are days when we simply don’t feel like washing the face so we just wipe the skin with micellar water and… that’s it. This is a mistake because your face only seems to be clean while dirt builds up in the pores, keeping the skin from breathing. Remember that the multi-stage cleansing is the best: remove your makeup using micellar water, use a cleanser (e.g. antibacterial), scrub and a toner of course – this simple product wipes off minor, invisible impurities.

TRICK! You can use oils for face cleansing because they greatly detoxify the skin and banish the grease and dirt. Obviously, you need to treat it as one of stages in the face-cleansing routine, not the only thing to do.

4. Toner is one of the face-care essentials.

How often do you use a face toner? In the past I didn’t use it at all. Now I know it was a mistake. The skin feels best in the acidic environment. The low pH makes it look great and it’s a pity that most cleansers are alkaline so they aren’t skin-friendly. In other words a toner matters a lot because it restores the pH balance. Remember to use it always after cleansing – just a few seconds that make a world of difference.

5. Anti-sun protection is really essential.

Finally, a key thing about the sun protection. Every day, the skin is exposed to the effect of harmful factors: pollution, free radicals, etc. Still, the sunlight is the greatest enemy! The UV rays are responsible for most damage: wrinkles, dark spots, dryness, irritations. If we want to save ourselves from the photoaging, let’s make the application of sunscreen a habit.

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