Hello, girls! 

Do you know that skin ages when we turn 30? That’s the time when we should start taking better care of it. I recommend three treatments. If you desire to keep young and beautiful, try them out.


During the treatment, nutrients are introduced to the deepest skin layers, using current-producing device. Iontophoresis works for people who have widespread scars, wrinkles, sore joints and back, open skin pores, dry skin and redness. One procedure lasts about 10 minutes. The series of 10-15 treatments must be performed for the desired effects. Ions of copper, calcium and zinc are used during iontophoresis. Sadly, you mustn’t do the treatment if you have atherosclerosis, purulent inflammation, fever or pacemaker.


The treatment involves introducing nutrients under the skin with a roller or special tool. As a consequence, the production of collagen and elastin is boosted. The skin becomes firm, radiant and smooth. After the treatment, it can be slightly red and swollen but everything is fine after about 3 days. Microneedling brightens scars, eliminates swellings and dark circles under eyes and reduces the visibility of broken blood vessels. If you want to enjoy youthful ski again, do a series of five treatments every two or four weeks.


The procedure is recommended for all those who fight with cellulite, excess of fatty tissue and loose skin. Endermologie is a massage with negative pressure – the skin is sucked in, the tissues are stimulated to repair. Moreover, the procedure helps to deal with torn ligaments and pain of muscles, neck, back, knees and hands. If you decide on the treatment, get prepared for wearing a tight suit.

Will you get tempted to try these rejuvenating treatments?

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